We have met one day just by happen. And then – we couldn’t stop thinking of each other…we spent sad hopeless days hunting high and low for a second chance to meet again. When we almost gave it up, we got our second try – too precious to be missed! Maybe we deserved each other because we became Twogether. Now we share our true love story in pictures and lyrics – two young women living in love somewhere in Europe. We share a lot with you: our honest confession, fine art pictures, videos and hot diary – but we still keep room for your fantasy. And yes – lot of pantyhose and high heels as we luckily share the same leg fetish.

Thanx to our close friend – a professional photographer and filmmaker – you will see our relationship from the very beginning. We decided to replay our first common steps for the camera as they happened. You will follow us to our first weekend trip, we will show you our Summer holiday in one of the most beautiful location of Croatia as well as our Winter stay in mountains in Slovakia.

And between pictorial chapters of our story you can read a hot hor diary written by both of us. Do you like to read? We decided to give this literary dimension of your confession much earlier than Fifty Shades of Grey were published heading to its phenomenal succes.

Do you like to read?

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And if you look for porn, vulgar and easy nudity, live sex video streams or escort services, don’t waste your time with us – that’s not our mission.

Clara & Olga.